How to make your movies successful on Facebook


What do they do so that their Facebook efforts become successful?  Remember the movie Paranormal Activities on Facebook and Twitter? What about Harry Potter on Facebook! From Bollywood it would be the recent Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya on Facebook. In order to enable a good Facebook campaign there are a couple of things that you are to take care of.

Primarily answer the question as to why should a person join your movie page and why should they remain subscribed. It takes less than 3 seconds for people to hop onto the next page. It takes less than the 3 seconds for people to unsubscribe and hide your feeds as well. This means that even after they join your page they can easily unsubscribe or hide your feed from their home page.

So, what are you to do? Firstly make sure that you are not in the quantity game. Having unusually huge members joining your page at a particular price per member can be detrimental to your movie perception. The reason being that after you have the huge quantity if there are just a negligible amount of persons interacting with your posts then your purchase has failed. You need to keep in mind to grow chronologically and manage your Facebook Movie Page in such a way that people interact with your posts. They start to relate to your communication and even if it is a simple ‘good morning’ they respond.

Next is that you post exclusive content on your Facebook Page. The songs, and still of the shoot should not be exposed via any other communication medium just your Facebook platform gets this exclusivity. Share the behind the scenes and the film progress via your Facebook Movie Page. This brings in the feeling of ‘belonging’ to your page and a feel of being the privileged person on your page. Give them exclusive matter that they will not receive elsewhere. This does not mean you have unnecessary contests and freebies. Remember platforms like Facebook have very strict dos and don’ts when it comes to contests.

One other word of caution is not to be on each and every Social Media platform. You need to be on just one or two excluding your website. Penetrate deep instead of spreading thinly. Also, if you are on multiple platforms then you will be repeating your content – this then your audience will soon start to catch up on. The very purpose of exclusivity is defeated.

There are many more factors that we will cover soon…

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