Social Media and Film Marketing


Your Social Media actives are to be consistent and continuous

We know that Social Media is used for multiple purposes. Right from friends exchanging photos to corporates placing their brand on the Social Media platform. Be it news, party invite, information etc the Social frontier has become an important part of life. Many a times during crisis people have turned to the Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Marketing personnel have understood the value of Social Media. Across the globe just like consumer brands the film industry has welcomed it as well. The film industry has understood the trend and has stepped on the Social Media platform.

To start off with Social Media what mainly is required is the understanding that this effort is to be continuous. Just as the corpoarates would set up an action plan the films are to do likewise. Many a times it is misunderstood that just by creating a page on Social Media one has ‘done’ the marketing via Social Media. Creating a page and then not attending to it leaves a negative impression. It is similar to neglecting your brand or business. What’s more is that spammers utilize your online space to spam your Community Members. It is a free field for them. This way feeds that come from your page become irritating and your own Members would start to block your page feeds.

To avoid this, it is essential to monitor all your Social Media actives consistently and continuously. It is important that you know what is taking place on your Social Media space. The page that you create is to be taken care of everyday, couple of times within the day. Social Media requires dedication and passion. You should be able to respond to people in almost real time. Thereby you will also know if there is anyone communicating to you by posting a comment.

Having said this, on Social Media it is essential that you understand your being consistent and continuous does not become a nuisance. There is a very thin line between being ‘followed’ and being ‘un-followed’. Your posts should not end up being blocked by your Community Members.

There are various reason on why your Community Member could block your feeds one of them is the nuisance value. You need to keep a strong check on the way people interact with your page.

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