Inkaar Review


No denying this smart ‘remake’.

Which part of Sudhir’s Inkaar was about sexual harassment? Oh yes I forgot… the tag line on the poster.

There was absolutely no need to give this film a colour of Sexual Harassment… Inkaar is Purely ABHIMAAN ( Amitabh and Jaya Bhaduri ) In a new contemporary setting… The slickness of Sudhir Mishra is seen right through  but I think it was avoidable for him to use the advertising imagery clichés about rampant partying etc .

The official arbitrage setting is utterly unbelievable. The editing is competent  and goes a long way in  creating the toss and turn of the narrative.

The story telling style of giving  you  different perspectives  is  fine, but then this is no Rashomon.

The ending works.  The music is a different genre and I need time to see if I like it ( I had loved the music of Chup Tum Raho the moment I had heard it ) no such luck here.  Overall a nice film and watchable.

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