8 Parameters To Arrive At Your Movie Social Media Strategy


In recent times movies are promoted in a lot of creative manner. For instance they are promoted via popular TV programmes, via events and so on. Platforms like Facebook and other Social Media are also looked at. When you are considering the Social Platform it is important that you make yourself aware of the essential parameters.

Social Media is to be part of your marketing plan. It is not to be ad hoc. When you execute your Social Media actions it is very important that you maintain your marketing plan on the whole. Just the way you would have Public Relation action points, Advertising action points – in the same way you are to construct the Social Media action points.

Below is a quick memory jogger that you can store and bookmark. You will get to know the key skills that are to be remembered always when you practice Social Media work. These are not only key skills but also parameters and steps that will lead you onto your Social Media strategy as well.

Social Media requires below skills [random order]:

  1. Professional Socializing Skills: While it is good to have a person who is almost addicted to Facebook for instance it is equally very crucial that they know and understand how to behave on your Facebook Business Page. Here there is a fine balance between being friendly and professional. Professional does not mean being robotic and talking on a Social Platform is a very distanced talk – down method. The idea is to be professional and not too friendly at the same time to not sound like a typical board room conversation.
  2. Brand Understanding: You will have prepared a concept and would know what is the category of your movie. Just the way you would bring alive your concept in the movie that you produce, in events, in promotions similarly you need to bring it alive on your Social Media Platform. You need to use and extend the concept.
  3. Direct Marketing: One to One marketing skills never go to wast. If you know the pulse of your Audience then connecting with them should not be too much of the problem. Though Social Media from the outside will look like mass communication. When you actiually start to work you will notice that direct marketing skills come to play as your Community grows.
  4. Knowledge Of Social Media Sites And Their Functionality: The various platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc should not be a mystery to you. You need to really have experience and exposure so that you can utilize all their features to the optimum level. This will enable you to spread virally. Additionally there is no need to be present on each and every Social Media Platform. You need to spread on just one or two. You need to penetrate deeply. It is good to be more populated on few Sites rather spread out thinly.
  5. Consumer Mind-set Along With U / A Knowledge: The term U / A is short form of User / Attitude. Though it is great to say the everyone is my target audience, you need to do a reality check. It is always good to sketch out the Consumer. When you work on Social Media you need to focused. Your entire Target Audience may not be online leave aside Social Media. Hence from your main and complete Target Audience you need to further funnel out the mind-set that would be online and on your Social Media platform.
  6. Flexibility: Times have changed when you could decide on how and what your film is to be perceived as. Now it is your Audience that creates your and your movie’s image. It is essential that you are mentally prepared to absorb and change accordingly. Have a Social Media Alert System to let you know what is being Tweeted about you and your movie.
  7. Be And Behave As A Human: Please talk with people. Do not have an attitude of being the type of person who talks down to people. It is not essential to address each Comment though.
  8. Monitoring: Have a Social Media Alert System to let you know what is being Tweeted about you and your movie.


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