Kamaal R Khan & Sunny Leone marriage gone wrong


Kamaal R. Khan who gained mileage with his film Deshdrohi 2009 that revolved around the immigrants issue in Mumbai has one again made it in the news for his online war with porn actress Sunny Leone.

Today, the actor/producer tweeted that Sunny Leone took ‘panga’ with the wrong person and that he’ll be filing a legal case against the actress tomorrow in police stations in Mumbai and New Delhi.

A couple of days ago, a tweet that liked rape to a surprise sex and attributed to the actress had been doing an online round till Kamaal R. Khan retweeted it and made it infamous.

Though the actress has reportedly taken the tweet off her Twitter account, the retweets still were found to be floating online. The actress has denied the tweet and has blamed Kamaal for maligning her name by retweeting a doctored tweet attributing her as the source.

There was a time when Kamaal R. Khan was smitten by the actress and had voiced his desire to marry Sunny Leone when the actress was a part of Bigg Boss 5. Time surely has changed.

Kamaal R. Khan who never shied away from voicing his opinion and creating controversy is all set to take the war ahead with his onetime ‘beloved’ promising to deport her from this country for good. This is one love story gone sour.

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