Building Your Facebook Audience


    Thinking of Facebook promotion for your movie? And why not, if a good part of your audience is on Facebook then you too need to look at this platform. Many a times people have the wrong impression that by creating the page on Facebook they have done marketing on Social Media. Social Media for movies requires to be nurtured on a consistent basis and continuously. There are three aspects of relationship with your audience on Social Media:

    • Acquisition
    • Retention
    • Building Loyalty


    This is the process of getting your audience on-board. Getting them to like your Page on Facebook. This means that they need to have a reason to join your Page.


    This is the process of maintaining and nurturing your audience. After you get your audience you need to deliver to them the desired results. There is a lot that goes into delivering the right results at the right time and at the right price. While you provide entertaining value you also need them to really get connected with your Page.

    Building Loyalty:

    If you have managed to retain your audiences, then getting them to be a little more attached and loyal to your movie should not be a far away dream.


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