Zapatlela 2 in 3D


Marathi film industry is going through a great transformation. And one man has been instrumental in seeing the highs and the lows of the great transformation. Yes, the man in question is none other than Mahesh Kothare who has given quite a handful of entertaining films since his debut film Dhum Dhadaka way back in 1985.

Mahesh Kothare is also paving the way for the next cinematic excellence in Marathi cinema with the first Marathi 3D film – a sequel to his earlier film Zapatlela in 1993. The first installment had his favorite actor the late Laxmikant Berde in the main lead along with the Director himself.

Technically speaking, Aai Mala Maru Naka was the first Marathi 3D film but the film in question was shot on 2D camera and converted to 3D but with Zapatlela 2, the film will be completely shot on 3D camera giving it the distinction of being a pioneer in Marathi 3D. Earlier too, the man had been instrumental in bringing out innovative changes in the making of Marathi films. And with Zapatlela 2, he brings out two distinctive revolutions in Marathi cinema – 3D technology and a sequel to a Marathi film, both a first.

Few people outside the Marathi film industry will remember him as the director of Hindi films Masoom and Lo Main Aa Gaya that had Govinda’s nephew Vinay Anand in the main lead. While Masoom did fairly good business, Lo Main Aa Gaya failed miserably at the box office.

With Zapatlela 2 in 3D, Marathi cinema lovers will get to enjoy the thrills of watching a Marathi 3D film for the first time. Mahesh Kothare is surely a man who knows his market well. It’s not just Mumbai but even small metros in the interiors of Maharashtra that has up scaled the theatres to enable 3D viewing and Mahesh is well aware of that.

Zapatlela 2 also marks the return of its iconic villain Tatya Vinchu who had earlier sent shivers down the audience’s spines in the first film. The ghost of Tatya Vinchu now will be seen in a more demonic and realistic avatar thanks to the 3D technology and state of the art animations that the director plans to incorporate in the film.

The film is slated to be released in April 2013


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