ARRI Alexa XT Launched


ARRI manufacturers, the world’s largest manufacturers of motion picture cameras and allied products have announced the launch of a new models of its Alexa Digital Cameras in the USA yesterday.

The new XT (Xtended Technology) Alexa camera models have been incorporated by new features that are inspired by some of the leading camera professionals who use Alexa and their subsequent feedback on its usage.

Except for the original Alexa model, all the other models will have the new features incorporated in it and replace the existing models. However, the good part is the owners who currently own the old Alexa models will be able to upgrade to the new models by purchasing the new add-on features and incorporating in their existing cameras.

Some of the features of the new Alexa XT models include:

  • Faster and more affordable RAW files
  • Less weight and easier working with internal NDs
  • True anamorphic with a 4:3 sensor i.e. the same size and shape as a Super 35 mm film frame
  • More efficient VFX through ubiquitous lens metadata – Lens metadata is invaluable for a speedy VFX post workflow, which is why all ALEXA XT models are equipped with an LDS lens mount.
  • Comfort and flexibility in viewfinder mounting
  • Super silent XT Fan
  • Future proof – upgrades for existing ALEXA cameras

Today, most of the film makers the world over prefer Alexa and these new features will definitely aid in bringing out the best digital output from Alexa.

Some of the biggest films of Hollywood and Bollywood today has been shot on Alexa including the multiple Oscar nominated Life of Pie and the James Bond action thriller Skyfall. Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Saheb Biwi Aur Gangster laid the foundation for ARRI Alexa in Bollywood by being the first film to be shot on ARRI Alexa and Vishal Bhardwaj’s Matru Ki Bijli Ka Mandola was the latest film off the ARRI shelf.

Today, shooting on a digital motion camera has become a norm in the film industry.


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