First Bollywood Theme Park To Open Next Month


The Rs.1,600 crore Bollywood theme park Adlabs Imagica is all set to give you the ride of your life.

The park is in the finishing stage and will be launched in the second week of April with much fun fare.

Situated near Khapoli on the outskirts of the city, the park has been built across a 300 acre plot and offers a number of thrilling rides including the country’s largest roller coast and 4D simulation rides along with a water park.

Friday Brands had reported earlier that the two third financing for the park has been through a consortium of 14 banks with the rest being put up by the founder of Adlabs Imagica, Mr. Manmohan Shetty. Adlabs has been in the entertainment sector for a long time and this is their first foray into theme parks. Adlabs Imagica is their most ambitious project till date.

The biggest attraction at the park will be the Mr. India ride which has been based on the popular cult film of the eighties of the same name that starred Anil Kapoor, Sridevi, Amrish Puri and Satish Kaushik.

Recently, Anil Kapoor, Sridevi and Satish Kaushik dubbed the lines for this unique motion simulator ride which will also showcase the voice of late Amrish Puri who gained popularity as Mogambo in the film. Mr. India’s character, a robot will have a new side kick named Toota Foota, a robotic monkey to fight the dreaded Mogambo. The ride will be based on a story line that will be different from the film and yet have the characters from the film. Mr. India and Seema will take you on a ride and with them, you fight Mogambo to save the world. The famous villain is holding a few kids as hostage as well.  Even the lovable character Calendar is going to make his presence felt in this ride.

Some of the other attractions include:

  1. Rajasauras River Adventure – You join Dr. Roy, a mad scientist on an unnerving water boat  adventure as you go on an expedition with sudden twists and turns and ferocious dinosaurs in the pre historic times to find the mighty Rajasauras, a dinosaur mightier than the T-Rex.
  2. Alibaba Aur Chalis Chorr – You have to board a vehicle to save Alibaba from the forty notorious thieves with laser guns hiding in the city, in this exciting dark ride. And the more thieves you shoot, the more points you collect just like a video game and win exciting prizes.
  3. Curse of Salimgarh – The haunted fortress of Salimgarh beckons you to uncover its dangerous secrets as you navigate its eerie corridors and dangerous rooms including saving a trapped princess.
  4. Wrath of the Gods – A noted archaeologist has discovered the ruins of a temple which has remained unearthed for centuries. However Elemental deities furious with humans cause the ultimate destruction in this Special Effects Show!
  5. Gold Rush Express – Explore the wild wild west on a family roller coaster that will take you from the ravines and the ranch grounds of the cowboys to the parlours and the saloons of the pistol wielding outlaws of old American West.

And a number of other thrilling rides and entertainment zones including a 360 degree Dome film that will take you virtually on an underwater adventure with fantastical mermaids to uncover the Dark Prince’s secret.

The park is just 90 minutes by road from Mumbai towards Panvel. The Park is open from 10am to 8pm. A weekly off for maintenance is observed every Tuesday.

The park has all the requisite service counters including information counter, baggage counter, lost and found counter plus first aid counter.

For any additional queries or inquiries about the park, you can email them at or call them on +91 22 4068 0046. Their office is located at 30/31, Sangdewadi, Pali-Khopoli Road,, Off Mumbai-Pune Express Way, Tal-Khalapur, Dist-Raigad, Khopoli, Maharashtra 410206.

You can also visit their website at


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