John Abraham: Starry Brawns


John Abraham is one such actor who let his brawn speak for himself and thanks to all its talking, the actor has definitely come a long way since his debut in Jismway back in 2003!

From a brawny actor to Manya Surve in the upcoming Shootout at Wadala, the journey for John Abraham has been one learning experience that has helped him evolve as an actor and not just a brawny prop in films year after year.

It’s surprising that for an actor who’s known for his good looks and his physical gait, yet in most of his films, he’s players characters with shades of grey whether it’s his debut film Jism opposite his then real life lover Bipasha Basu or in Aetbaar where once again he’s paired opposite Bipasha as a obsessed psychotic lover to the film New York where he plays a terrorist to Dhoom in which he is a highly sophisticated thief to Race 2 where again he plays a scheming, hard hitting grey shaded character.

However, no doubt, his Karam  is one film that came early in his career (2005) that showed him as a true gangster assassin who suffers from pangs of guilt when one of his assassin attempts goes horribly wrong. He tries to find solace by giving up his trade to lead a new life with his pregnant wife Shalini (Priyanka Chopra)…

Despite the film not doing too well at the box office and John Abraham’s mediocre acting, yet the actor’s portrayal of an assassin under grief and anguish has etched a place for the actor in the minds of his fans or was it a spillover from his last film Dhoom in which he played a handsome thief?

Coming back to his upcoming Shootout at Wadala, once again the actor dons the role of a gangster and this time from the looks of the trailer and the film’s promotions, it seems the actor is here to make a mark and a big one at that as dreaded gangster Manya Surve.

This year definitely is the year for gangster films with Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai 2 starring Akshay Kumar and Imraan Khan waiting to hit the marquee a couple of months down the line. So between Manya Surve of SAW and Dawood (Akshay Kumar) of OUATIMA, let’s see who steals the ganster’s thunder.

For now with the kind of response the promotions, the songs and the trailer of Shootout at Wadala has generated, it is definitely the brawny John Abraham who’s going to have the last laugh while the going is good… that means ‘Bombaai Ka Naya Baap Manya Surve!’



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