Indian Superheroes Please


Superhero movies have always been a fascination for audiences across the globe. The sheer charisma and surreal feel that these movies stand for is powerful enough to pull the audiences to the theatres. But nonetheless, the protagonists’ mighty body and the orgasmic get-up can attract the audiences for once. Ultimately it is the script, direction and special effects that can make it a success. While Hollywood has gifted the world with an entire city of Superheroes, Bollywood is still in its nascent stage of bringing Indian superheroes into being.

In 1980’s India got its first Superhero in Mr. India. Not only was it India’s first attempt at churning out Superheroic tales, the movie acquired a cult status that has not faded away till date. In the same era other movies like Ajooba and Toofan also tried to venture into the same zone. However, they could not impress the audiences in the manner Mr. India did. There was a long dry spell that lingered in the Superhero Films zone after that. Meanwhile small screens revived the lost charm with Shaktiman, a character that gained phenomenal popularity and was claimed as India’s first version of a full-fledged Superhero.

In the past 10 years Indian Cinema has witnessed a major chunk of Superhero Movies coming its way. Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish became hugely successful and then Shahrukh Khan tried to bring a revolution of sorts with his mega budget, full on sci-fi movie Ra.One. Although, Ra.One failed to make a mark but it did raise the bars for the genre of movies in India. Drona starring Abhishek Bachchan also toppled at the Box-office. Now that Krrish 3 is on its way to hit the silver screens, it would be interesting to see how the movie fares at the box-offices.

But Superhero movies continue to puzzle Indian film-makers who have still not discovered the correct formula for making a successful superhero movie. As the Indian audiences grow more matured and sensible in their outlook towards these movies, it has now become mandatory for film-makers to script unusual stories, cast the right stars and most importantly have superb special effects. Though there has been excellent progress in the field of special effects and graphics, a lot yet remains to be done in reaching the international standards. The challenge with this genre of movies in fact is to depict fictional characters and their powers in the most real look. When special effects appear nothing less than real, it becomes significantly easy for the audiences to relate to the story.

Doubtlessly Hollywood is way ahead of Bollywood in presenting and packaging Superhero stuff but it seems that Indian film-makers are now willing to treading the path as well. The trailers of Krrish 3 look way richer than its Indian counterparts, if it would be able to become inspirational enough for other film-makers is something that needs to be seen. We just hope that Bollywood would someday make us proud by giving us some Supermen, some Batmen and perhaps a superhero who would become a role model for these distinguished gentlemen (Superman and Batman).

Author: Prithu Gupta, Writer, Vishaka Communications


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