KICK ( Salman’s Latest Release)


The Devil ‘s Kick

Here comes the much awaited movie of this year Kick. The superstar Salman’s festive extravaganza for his fans all over. Salman targets this part of the year to release his films and make the best out of it at the box-office. In the past he has done that with films like Wanted and Dabangg. The result of which has been evident in the initial days itself with Kick earning 100 crores. The movie is one of its kind to hit the maximum number of screens in the world. It is rightly said in the movie by Randeep Hooda “woh apni eidi leene zaroor aayega”.

Coming to the movie Kick its a typical Salman movie where you need to leave your brains at home and take delight in the entertainment dose of the mega super star which includes his action, dance moves and his comic timings. The movie starts with the entry of the beautiful and gorgeous Jacqueline who spell bounds the audience with her beauty. Though she being an Indian in the movie lacks diction, she plays a psychiatrist engulfed in loneliness. Her father played by ace comedian Saurabh Shukla compels her to meet a guy for marriage. The meeting is on a train to Warsaw where she gets to know Randeep Hooda a fearless cop from India. They both talk to each other where Jacqueline confesses of being in love with a guy Devi (Salman) and being troubled by his memories from her past relationship with him. Here starts the flashback. and the enigmatic persona of Salman casts a spell right away from his entry . The crowds start whistling and hooting at their bhai ‘introductory scene.the continuation shows how the guy Devi looks for a  KICK in everything he does in life . Mithun da who plays the father of Devi has nice comic moments with Salman. Devi a talented and god gifted genius who has left 39 jobs because it doesn’t give him the aderaline rush which he calls kick. Salman and Jacqueline both fall in love and separate because of Devi ‘s inconsistency in jobs. On the separating note Devi promises if money is everything he would get a good chunk of it.

Now Hooda narrates his part that how a notorious thief named Devil has been a headache for him. In his police service so far he hadn’t come across a criminal who has been untraceable. They both being unaware that Devi and Devil are one.

The movie has a lot of action scenes by Sajid Nadiawala directorial debut which takes your breathe away. Devi returns returns to Jacqueline life as a patient of memory loss. this being a part of his plan. Here comes the entry of the villian Nawazuddin Siddiqui who grasps the audiences with his negativity and not to forget his sinister laugh. Devil ‘s target in Warsaw is Nawazuddin which is disrupted by Hooda. The action scenes in Warsaw are breath taking and shots are good. The scene in Warsaw where devil rides a double decker bus through the city is a sheer viewer ‘s delight.

Now the plot shows how Devi became Devil and depicts the being human side of Salman who in his real life too is very charitable. This touches one’s emotional side like his earlier release “Jai Ho” . The story now moves to India where Devil challenges Hooda to catch him during his next robbery. Even after giving away his identity Hooda fails to catch him which is a bit confusing.

In the climax Devil kills the villian Nawazuddin and reveals his identify and the reason of transformation from Devi to Devil. The movie also has a emotional father and son moment between Salman and Mithun da which connects with the audience. But then again Hooda who waits out in bait for devil is unable to catch him. It goes to a extent that Devi replaces Hooda as a cop to catch devil. This is what is not believable in the plot.

The final verdict on the movie is that not to ponder much about what’s happening around because the plot lacks focus  at times, take in the sheer entertainment it offers .The songs are average but Salman starts off with hangover and its nice. Kick is all about a heavy dose of entertainment, entertainment and only entertainment!!!!!

RATING 3.5/5

Review by Prateik Das


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