Faces in the Crowd “THE DESIRE” Team


The 35-minute short film “The Desire” is the story of a person with extreme disability and his relationship with a “normal” girl based on Jitendra Kumar Biswal, a quadriplegic since childhood from Odisha.

“The message of the film is clear: like any other human being, people with disability have feeling, emotion and desire. It is time society recognizes and respects it,” renowned Bollywood Ad film director Avinash Nanda told to Friday Brands

The Film is all about love, care, commitment and loyalty and there is no problem in a disabled person to express those components. But unfortunately people are reluctant to forge a relationship with those with different abilities. “People keep their disabled children away from others, confine them within the four walls of a house and do not send them to school also.

Mr. Biswal conceived the idea for the short film, but due to lack funds. Help came from Odisha born, Mumbai based ad filmmaker Avinash Nanda, who not only agreed to direct but also roped in his Bhubaneswar based entrepreneur friends, Rajinder Singh Bhatia and Rajesh Mohanty, to fund the film. The movie Director Avinash Nanda says…What attracted me to the film was Biswal’s boundless energy and confidence despite disability,” And i gave Mr. Biswal a overall new look and getup for my film.

The Producer Mr. Bhatia said he was never involved in film production but the concept touched his heart and it was quite remarkable that Biswal himself was acting in it. Ollywood Celebrity and social activist Swapna Pati, plays the female lead in this movie.

The shooting for the film was completed recently on the edge of famous Sun Temple Konark and after post-production works, we will  send it to all International film festivals.

Director Avinash Nanda has directed more than 100 TVC for National & International clients…..this will be Mr.Nanda’s 35 minute long TV commercial.

Produce by: Rajendra Singh & Swapna Pati Foundation | Screenplay & Direction: Avinash Nanda | Director of Photography : Shakil Khan | Concept: Jitendra Kumar Biswal | Script & Dialogue: Avee Saha & Srushtishree | Playback by : Rituraj Mohanty | Music by : Shashank Rajan | Lyrics by. Sumeet Pattnaik & Anup Kumar.


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