Some crazy celebrity headlines


They say news headlines makes the reader hooked to the news story. But when it comes to  Bollywood, anything and everything that stars do makes headlines. The more spicy the headline, the more eyealls the media is supposed to garner even if it means sensationalising trivia news into juicy gossip.

Few years ago, a leading publication made a big hue and cry over Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show with their online portal carrying the tagline, “OMG! Deepika’s Cleavage Show”. That the headline itself was derogatory and demeaning only added to the picture of Deepika that supplemented it.  Despite Deepika Padukone being a celebrity and the media’s right to scrutinise their everyday life minutely, it doesn’t give a leading publication or for that matter, any media the right to step beyond a certain level of decency.

One just has to jump to any media portal and get to read some of the most absurd headlines that are written in relation to Bollywood celebrities.

Take the instance of this headline, “Do you know Mallika Sherawat’s favourite bedroom activity?” Somebody should tell the publication what happens behind closed bedroom doors should stay put there. One doesn’t go around malligning celebrities with such headlines.

Then there is this gem, “Guess what languages are spoken at the Bachchan home?” Boy do we care? Do the readers care? Everyone knows that the Bachchans come from the North and more so or less, it will be either Hindi or English. Obviously, they wouldn’t be speaking Swahili for sure.

And then we have this one, “Revealed! What Kareena, Karisma love talking about”. Well, what do sisters normally discuss as siblings and as mommies to their respective kids? Your guess is good as mine but the media obviously had to sensationalise a trivia issue.

And there is this question being asked, “Why is Shahid surrounded by so many gorgeous women?” Well dear publication, everyone knows Shahid’s new film Batti Gul Meter Chalu is slated to release soon. A little film promotion helps knowing how good looking and charming an actor Shahid Kapoor is.

These crazy headlines and a lot more just give a picture about the mentality of the writers who come up with such antics just to grab a few extra eye balls.

Coming back to Deepika Padukone and her cleavage controversy, it seems the media was divided in favor of the actress and the media.

Looking back, we’d say, let’s not come up with such silly headlines and downgrade our own image and standing in the world of media.


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