#MeToo Movement – Time to emulate the western audience

Empty Cinema Hall

With the #MeToo momentum picking up at an amazing speed in the Indian film industry, skeletons of the past keeps tumbling out every day. Each day brings out new allegations against some established actor or technician. What started with allegations against ace actor Nana Patekar soon saw a spate of new disturbing accusations against directors like Vikas Bahl and Sajid Khan including veteran actor Alok Nath. However, Bollywood is divided over its support to either of the parties i.e. the victim and the accused. Most of the accused are big celebrities in their own right and enjoy a tremendous fan base as is the case with Nana Patekar and Vikas Bahl.

We at fridaybrands.com feel Bollywood and most of all the audience has to take a stance in case of such allegations that holds water. While these accused celebrities have completely denied the accusations, there are visible symptoms that clearly state that the victims have rightly raised their voices. Unfortunately, the fans fail to see the same.

Its time, the audience emulated the audience in Hollywood and other parts of the world who went on to boycott the recent film Billionaire Boys Club staring veteran ace Hollywood actor Kevin Spacey. Spacey has recently been charged with sexual harassment by a number of people which led to him being dropped from a number of projects. In fact Billionaire Boys Club holds the dubious distinction of earning just about 618 USD over the weekend after the film released in just 11 theatres across America.

Indeed a big tight slap on Kevin Spacey. A man who fell from grace in face of a number of sexual assault charges. Time we in India emulated the people of America and boycotted the films that features these accused actors and directors.

Akshay Kumar did the right thing by raising his concerns against Housefull 4 director Sajid Khan and likewise with Aamir Khan who in the #MeToo phase, was to produce Mogul that was to be directed by Subhash Kapoor who is embroiled in a legal battle with a starlet who has accused him of molestation in 2012.

For now, let’s boycott those films that have these accused celebrities on screen and behind the screen.



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