CINTAA expels Alok Nath from the association

CINTAA expels Alok Nath

In a major revival to the #MeToo campaign, CINTAA has in a hearing on Monday has decided to expel actor Alok Nath from the association for molesting writer/producer Vinta Nanda.

Sometime ago, television writer/producer Vinta Nanda had accused Alok Nath of physically molesting her years ago while she was under the influence of alcohol. During his heydays, Alok had been the forefront of many a television serials and was a powerful force to reckon with in the world of television. But with Tanushree Dutta’s spearheading the #MeToo campaing, Vinta Nanda too found her voice and brought to the forefront the sanskari babu’s true face in front of the public and the media at large.

In the statement, Cine & Television Artists Assocation (CINTAA) condemned the actor’s behaviour. It said, “In view of the various allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against Mr. Alok Nath, after due diligence and consideration, the Exec. Committee of CINTAAhas decided to expel him from the Association.”

This is indeed a big boost to the #MeToo campaign which in recent times had mellowed down a bit. It will also give hope to actors like Tanushree Dutta and others who have similar grievances against some of the most powers actors and technicians of Bollywood.

It now needs to be seen if the mighty too fall in Bollywood or only small fishes will bite the bait.


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