Another frivolous case this time against Kedarnath squashed


So finally Kedarnath had a smooth release yesterday.

Like the ongoing fad for filing cases in the honorable court for stopping the release of a film on flimsy grounds, Kedarnath too was subjected to this litigation harassment by an individual wanting the film from being released.

A petition was filed in the court just a few days before it’s release saying that the film Kedarnath promoted love jihad. However the honorable judge found the reason as no grounds for stopping the film from being released.

However, district magistrates in Uttarakhand has banned the movie’s release  in the state to avoid any unwanted scene.

Kedarnath is not the first film nor the last to face such frivolous litigation or actions of unknown religious and political outfits who deem it appropriate to raise silly objections to time with the film’s release to get their 10 seconds of fame under the sun.

Earlier this year film Padmavat and it’s lead actress Deepika Padukone too faced threats from fringe groups from Rajasthan who openly threatened to physically harm her.

There should be an understanding by such antisocial elements that it’s the censor board who passes the film’s release after it’s minute scrutiny and there after, no one can challenge the film’s release in the court unless it’s related to a genuine issue such as copyright infringement etc.

It’s time to educate the masses about the role of the censor board in a film’s release and a law that curbs unwanted and frivolous cases against a film just before it’s release.


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