Gully Boy is the next slumdog millionaire with 100 crores in the pocket.

Mere Gully Mein | Gully Boy | Ranveer Singh,Alia Bhatt & Siddhant | DIVINE | Naezy | Zoya Akhtar

In first week “Gully Boy’s rap story is smashing all records at the box office crossing magical 100 crore collection barrier. The film tells a story of an underground rapper in the slums of Dharavi in Mumbai..

Gully Boy directed by Zoya Akhtar is minting money at the ticket counters. Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt and Siddhant Chaturvedi come up almost flawless raw performances based on real life rappers Divine and Naezy

The film vibes well with all sections of society specially youngsters. As it touches a raw chord with the story of an underdog hitting the marquee with aplomb. The positive reviews from both critics and audience alike has only ensured that the film remains rock solid at the theaters.

What is remarkable about this film is not latest technology and big budget as usual things of Bollywood but a true heart touching motivating human story … told beautifully. The film Inspired from the life of rappers Divine and Naezy, Gully Boy takes the audience to the underground rapping scene in Mumbai.

Zoya Akhtar says “I think the scene is palpable right now. It is emerging. I think it was on the brink when I caught on to the underground scene. It was getting bigger. From the time I started, which was 2014-15 to now, it has blown up. I mean Divine and Naezy are big stars. So, I think I just lucked out. I was just at the right place at the right time.”


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