Maintaining secrecy was a Himalayan task for a towering film: Avengers Endgame

avenger endgame

For a film like Avengers Endgame spoilers can be very dangerous. Leaked information from any source can become a potential spoiler and threat.

To keep the total secrecy about the film story line and climax is a Himalayan task.  Director Joe Russo said in a statement in Mumbai while promoting the film from Marvel Cinematic Universe – Avengers: Endgame.

To guard the secret of story and ending of the film they took numbers of steps in this regard. From social media requests to the fans to not spoil it for other fans to production level precautions. Some of them are like

Producers decided on “No copy of script theory” meaning thereby there will be only one full original draft of the script and no copy of the script will make or available.

Co-director Joe Russo said that “If they don’t know the whole story, they can’t slip up in an interview. So, none of the actors on Avengers: Endgame got the complete script of the film.

He further added “Iron Man Robert Downey Jr was one of the privileged among the actors who actually got the full script to read. Rest of the cast got parts of the script on a need to know basis only the portions they were involved in. “

Joe Russo confirmed that apart from the single original script that existed on an iPad, every other script that existed was fake. During a press meet in Mumbai.

The producer found VFX very useful in the secrecy mission. Many scenes were filmed with a green screen where the actors had to say lines to a green screen and had no clue who else was in the scene with them. Similarly, a few fight sequences too were shot under high secrecy. Actors would have to throw punches in the air and fight an imaginary rival, and their opponent would be added in post-production via VFX, so one wouldn’t know who he or she was fighting with!

The scenes were explained in detail to the actors so that the missing elements would not take away from their performance. Joe Russo said “We use to have very thoughtful conversations with the actors about what their motivations are and what they are doing in specific scenes. If we are trying to hide something then we elicit a performance from them using different tactics”.

The most difficult one was the climax to secure under foolproof secret, To make sure that the ending of the film is not accidentally leaked or revealed, it was decided that to shoot  multiple climaxes  all looks like actual one

And the last and final approach was an appeal to the fans directly by the Russo brothers, they requested fans to not spoil it for other fans request sent to the fans through social media.

Hoping that fans will take it positively ‘ALL WELL THAT END WELL”


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