More reasons for your film marketing to be on Facebook!

Facebook has announced that they will get into search with a difference. This search will depend on information shared by various Facebook Users. The new Facebook Search is called ‘Facebook Graph Search’. 

Facebook enjoys the unique collection of what people ‘like’. Facebook is the space where people comment and share which films they like, which particular scene they want their friends to see and so on. The recent Facebook Search engine is going to be of great importance to you and your business. 

So far on regular search people would find out if a particular cinema hall is nearby. Or which are the latest movies and so on. Now, with Facebook Graph Search people will not only know what is nearby but also what is more liked by their Friends and Network. It is regular search with additional features which bring in the Friend’s choice as well.

So, they will now be making their choices based on the choice shared by their Friends and Network. This means that the search results of one person will be different from another person though the search query is same. This way they are Personalized Results. Having said this, it is not restricted / limited to what friends like. 

This search will be different from the existing searches. It recognizes the phrases that are keyed into the search box and matches it with what their friends like. 

Currently this entire search engine is in its introduction stage and hence they will be given results based on photos, people, places and interests of their Network. Soon it will roll onto Posts and what their Network writes and shares as well.

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